How to get the most out of your silver earrings

Also, how to buy wholesale silver earring for the lowest price.

silver earrings are part of my favorite silver jewelry. Unfortunately, it took me a few years to finally learn to choose, wear them well, and buy a bunch of wholesale silver earring with ease. If you have silver plated heart like me, why don’t you sit back and let me guide you there!
The art of buying wholesale silver earrings

First of all, let’s start by let me clarify this. If you want to buy a lot of silver earrings, find a place that sell wholesale silver earring. By getting them at wholesale price, you save a lot of money. And that’s let you buy more clothes and accessories to dress with them. Hong Factory is one of the best silver jewelry manufacturer in Thailand and has extensive collection of wholesale silver earrings for you. Go there and check them out silver lover!

silver earrings

The art of choosing them

You also choose your piece of silver earrings by using your feeling and instinct? I have done the same for years before an acquaintance working in the wholesale silver earring manufacture industry corrects me. Marcasite Silver Jewelry Wholesale Indeed, this person explained that apart from aesthetics and design, many criteria are to be considered when buying this accessory, including the shape of the face. Thus, the first rule to follow is not to choose earrings of the same shape as your face.

To highlight your pretty face, the primary function of the jewel will rebalance the face. Thus, for people with a round face, short models with circular shapes should be avoided, since they will only broaden your features. The fine danglers, especially those arriving at chin height and if possible, in square or rectangular shapes, should be favored.

Do you have a broad forehead and square jaws? All-length models are also suitable for this type of face shape. To soften your features a bit, I recommend rounded earrings as well as dangling models dotted with cascades of pearls. For heart-shaped faces, I’d prefer round or oval sleepers. Finally, if like me, you have an oval face, all models of earrings will fit yours. I like wearing double silver rings. Don’t forget to choose a from catalogue first then get them at the place that sells wholesale silver earring to get the most value!

silver earrings

The art of wearing them

Now that you know the kind of earrings that are ideal for your face, you must know how to wear them. To begin with, I will start with the feather models. Feather-like silver earrings are very fashionable, primarily if natural bird feathers are associated with silver chips. However, be careful not to go over the top with your look, especially if your earrings are too imposing.

Indeed, alone, colorful feathers will already sublimate your outfit enough. Moreover, for people with long hair, do not hesitate to raise hair if you want to draw attention to the jewel. Concerning me, I am not very attracted by the silver earrings associated with other materials. That’s why I set my sights on the stem models. Both classic and timeless, this model can be worn in all circumstances and adapts to all styles of clothing.

In short, here are matte earrings. Nothing surprising if the country singer Taylor Swift swears by these models. Otherwise, if you completely crack for creoles, do not hesitate to associate with a discreet bracelet such as a ring for example. If you like this kind of earrings, you’d do well a loose hairstyle.

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